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Watch as bear nudges sleeping resident awake as he napped poolside


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215   2 months ago
ThisIsButter | 173 subscribers
215   2 months ago
Matthew Bete was snoozing near the side of his pool in Greenfield on Saturday when he was woken up by the gentle nudge of a stranger.

The visitor was none other than a bear.

The timid creature walked through the open gate of Bete’s home, wandered around his pool and even took a sip of the water.

The animal proceeded to stare at the Western Massachusetts man, sniff his foot and then tap his shoe.

The nudge startled both parties, causing the bear to dart away from Bete, who struggled to pick up his phone in time to snap a photograph of the visitor.

The Pioneer Valley resident was able to take a picture, though, of the animal fleeing through the front yard and shared it with his wife, Dawn Bete, who was not home at the time.

Security footage from the couple’s Amazon Ring home surveillance camera also captured the furry creature’s visit.

“He texted me a picture of the bear running through the front yard and said the bear nudged his foot while he was sleeping by pool,” Dawn Bete told MassLive in a statement. “Of course, I thought he was kidding! He told me to look at the Ring video. Sure enough..."
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