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Man shoots two cops durning traffic stop


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2239   2 months ago
UknowImRight | 217 subscribers
2239   2 months ago
A judge in Oklahoma on Monday ordered the release of police video showing a white driver who was pulled over by cops and not only refused to follow orders and resisted arrest but also physically assaulted officers before he shot them both at point-blank range.
The Tulsa police dashcam and bodycam videos from the shooting were recorded during a traffic stop in the early morning of June 29, when the driver, David Ware, was guilty of doing exponentially more than what it routinely takes for cops to shoot Black suspects on sight. In fact, the footage showed the officers — Sgt. Craig Johnson, who died from the shooting, and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, who survived — giving Ware an excessive number of verbal warnings before pepper-spraying him in the face multiple times.
When Ware, screaming hysterically throughout the video, appears to be unfazed by the pepper spray, the confrontation turns physical as both cops try to pull him from his car to no avail. The three men struggle before Wade apparently reaches for the gun inside the car and shoots both of them.
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Nate_Higgers LR User
This guy was "guilty of doing exponentially more than what it routinely takes for cops to shoot Black suspects on sight"? Fuck you, faggot, the data puts the lie to this bullshit. FEWER niggers are shot per arrest than whites. Not per capita, PER ARREST which is the statistic that matters.
US LR User
This was a copy and paste on the info.
I’m a staunch conservative. I hate antifa, blm, and anti cop people. I also think they should have at least tased if not shot him way before he got a gun. I’m not a cop and I know if a person won’t move away from their position, there’s probably something there that they don’t want you to see. So I don’t want to hear it.
PaulyIncorrect LR User
He obviously read, "The Black Man's Guide to Being Pulled Over".
They should have known something was wrong from the getgo. Acting erratically.
LR User
Cops cant take half measures with these dipshits. Have 4 cops on standby when taking a resisting person out of the car and always have one officer deploying a gun in their direction.
Buttburger LR User
Fuck the pepper spray. Nightsticks work wonders. A few hard crack to the skull and it is lights out. And if someone tries to cry Police Brutality--they should not have resisted and followed order, that would negate a nightstick.
US LR User
Fuck off cocksucker.
RootKit LR User
Why did they not use a tazer?
Also, how the fuck did they manage to get some BLM guilt into the description!
Video = 3 Whites
Description = 3 Whites and all the black people ever been shot by a cop!
BB Level 1
Once dude began resisting I think they should have backed up and called for multiple more officers and drawn their weapons. Any rapid movements or reaching for something and It should be entirely reasonable to pop a few in the Felons Skull. Simple as that comply or die.
Bigs LR User
Once the pepper spray didn't work I'd expect them to go to a taser, rather than spraying the inside of the car that they themselves were trying to work in?
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