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Arrested insolent raiders who committed a series of resonant robberies


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1829   2 months ago
ThisIsButter | 173 subscribers
1829   2 months ago
Law enforcement officials reported on the capture of gang members who committed several high-profile crimes in St. Petersburg, this was reported on Friday, September 11, at the Russian Interior Ministry.

In the early morning of May 16, a group of malefactors robbed a car service on Simonov Street. An employee of the enterprise tried to resist them, having rammed the BMW on which the hijackers were moving with a Zhiguli car.

According to the surveillance video, he managed to hook at least one of the attackers. Despite all efforts, the robbers managed to escape, taking the safe with them.

In addition, earlier it was reported that on June 15, some criminals took possession of a large amount that was transported by employees of a logistics company - gang members attacked the carriers in broad daylight and took away 9.5 million rubles from them.

As it turned out, these crimes had one "author", or rather - a whole "creative team".

As a result, the operatives managed to get on the trail of the raiders - they turned out to be previously convicted Petersburgers 43 and 32 years old, as well as a 28-year-old previously convicted newcomer from Transcaucasia who joined them. All of them became defendants in the criminal case initiated under the articles "Robbery" and "Robbery".

Law enforcement officers have already found a car, allegedly used in the commission of crimes, and false numbers. In addition, "items similar to a carbine and a pistol" were seized from the suspects, and they were sent for examination.
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