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Video shows violent explosion that destroyed a house


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1285   2 months ago
ThisIsButter | 173 subscribers
1285   2 months ago
Firefighters sifted through what was left behind after a house exploded late Tuesday night.

St. Louis Fire Department crews responded at about 10:45 p.m. to the 1100 block of Newhouse Avenue, which is in the north city neighborhood of Hyde Park. Firefighters arrived to find a two-story home leveled.

Fire and smoke were still coming from the house and a home next door also was on fire. Everyone in the home next door made it out safely. Firefighters and the K-9 search and rescue team responded to the scene to look through the rubble of the house that exploded.

Firefighters said the blast was powerful.

“Window casing, bricks and a portable A/C unit violently ejected during the explosion,” the fire department wrote on Twitter, sharing a video from the scene that showed what’s left of the house and items scattered across the front yard.

A Nest surveillance video from down the street showed the moment the house exploded. A large flash of light is seen along with a loud boom, following by a ripple of fire throughout the building. Flames, smoke and dust filled the air.

Rochelle Merollis told 5 On Your Side she, her fiance and their baby weren't home at the time. She said they just got the keys to a new house and spent the night there. Merollis said she found out about the explosion from a friend who saw it on the news.

"I have a 1-year-old baby ... I just can't imagine if we were in the house," Merollis said holding back tears. "I had no idea the magnitude of what happened here until I pulled up."

Merollis said she has no idea what could have caused the explosion.

"I'm just so thankful no one was hurt. I know our neighbor has children as well, so I'm just really thankful no one was hurt. That's the biggest thing," Merollis said.

The woman who lives in the house next door said she was trying to sleep when she heard a loud boom. She said her security camera went black. So, she stepped outside and almost fell because her back porch was gone.

“Thank God I made it outside because I couldn’t get back in to get anything,” Verneta Haughton said.

Haughton said she lost everything in the explosion of her neighbor’s house.

Fire investigators responded to the scene and are working to figure out what caused the blast.
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Brian_Williams LR User
What the story fails to mention is that the reason everybody made it out safely is because I evacuated them. I am a hero.
US LR User
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Side effect me include explosive diarrhea,
Please do not consume with hot pockets and Ex-Lax
Mixing all four may result in the loss of friends and neighbors,
And your butt hole would feel like if it was violated
by a dildo made out of hot Cheetos using benGay as lube.
Alias_Fakename LR User
.5 stars on air bnb, I should have known what they meant by "open concept" and "great view of the night sky"
RetroGamer LR User
I predict that will be the mind of liberal on election night. Hehe!
AlphaBoy1 LR User
Fire inspector say the pilot light went out , after several days the gas slowly accumulated in the condo , when the thermostat on the refrigerator kicked in , igniting the Mixture and blowing the entire ....
CA LR User
Janssen LR User
After the Beirut Explosion, these kind of video's just don't cut it anymore
US LR User
Gas blows and sucks
krichek LR User
Meth lab.
FakreshalLamesh LR User
Someone needs to grab those coils real fast an sell,
to get a couple bottles of Thunder.
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