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Creek Fire Now at 135,000 Acres. Evacuation Orders


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364   2 months ago
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364   2 months ago
The view at 3:20pm from Shaver Lake Marina. Looks like a helicopter surveying the area. Too far to confirm which agency is up, very smoky, but a good sign to see air traffic Fire.

Officials say the size of the Creek Fire has now grown to 135,523 acres, almost doubling in size since the morning. It is still at 0% containment. A total of 1,060 fire personnel are battling the blaze.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office says mandatory evacuation orders are being developed for both sides of Bass Lake and that areas east of Highway 41 in Oakhurst, Coasegold, and O’Neals are moving to warning status.

Mandatory evacuation orders are being developed for Bass Lake. This will include both sides of the lake. Residences east of Rd 222/Rd 432 and Road 426/Rd 222 will be evacuated. Areas east of Hwy 41 in Oakhurst, Coarsegold, O’Neal’s moving to warning status.
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Spacca LR User
this is ridiculous
sorry for the question
How is it possible
you have millions of bombing planes
you are very good at killing people and children in syria libya iran irak afganistan yemen you are great at destroying millennial cultures
as humanly it is possible that you use a (ONE )helicopter for the fire hahahahaahhahahahha and not 30.000 helicopter ????
you make me die of laughter sorry


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